Be Kinder than Necessary

“Be kinder than necessary.  Everyone you meet is fighting some battle.” -Unknown

Everybody has their own battles.  Most folks never allow you to see the battles they are fighting.  They don’t even let on.  You don’t need to know everyone’s battles.  Just assume that they are being waged and “be kinder than necessary.”

There’s a funny thing about that sort of kindness, it has an unusual rebound.  Somehow, that kindness comes back to bless you in your own battles.   I don’t mean that someone will be kinder than necessary to you.  Though, that often happens, and isn’t it wonderful.  No, I mean your own act of kindness has a reflexive quality to it.  Your own kindness is your benefactor.

Besides, it can’t hurt.


One response to “Be Kinder than Necessary

  1. So true. I like the “reflexive quality” part.

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