About the Panzon

This is the blogsite for Rick Angell’s pontifical Old Guy Wisdom. A Don Quixote-esque modern day marvel of a man, Rick Angell lives and practices law in Denver Colorado. He loves his family and often makes them run in groups together. He enjoys astronomy, long walks with his wife and Labradors, long soaks in the hot tub, managing hot tub chemicals, and bouts of culinary experimentation usually involving New Mexican chili peppers.


3 responses to “About the Panzon

  1. David Ebner

    And, because Michael has linked to your blog, I was able to pick up on your new creation. Wow! You’re a web content creator! Congratulations!

    Insert portentous voice: The world is reading.

    PS When will the trademark jokes be added?

  2. This description of “The Panzon” was written by our son, Michael, the comedian. I like it though and have to admit it is mostly accurate. Though, I also like fishing and other forms of outdoor mayhem.

    The Panzon

  3. I will enjoy keeping up with you and your blog!

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