“I have been thinking of you all day.  I know this is a difficult time. ….  Just now I was looking at the Moon  with Venus directly below.  Beautiful!  Spoke to me of alignment.  And of you.”

These are the words of a very good friend, sent to me at a critical time.  Every man should have such friends.

I am in a time of sadness and very difficult decisions.  The decisions are of the nature where all available choices are hurtful to someone.  They are choices in which right and justice are incredibly difficult to discern.  In fact, there may be no just or right decision.  The consequences of these decisions shall be profound and hurtful for a long time.  Others are involved in making these decisions and there is much unproductive contention.

These decisions bring the wounded child in each of us very near the surface.    My own wounds are not yet fully sacred scars, but I have done some work in that direction.  For others the wounds, though old, are still fresh, raw and untreated.  The decisions before us should not be made by wounded children.   That our wounded children have surfaced,  makes it even more difficult to decide rightly, justly and compassionately.  They make it more difficult to find alignment.

More of my good friend’s wise words:

“May you find the presence of God in this very breath now, which although perhaps heavy, anxious and overshadowed with concern screams with life and invitation of alignment and release.

Following Christ – for real- we eventually discover that we are not delivered from suffering and hardship, but rather plunged into the heart of the world and destined to find our true alignment in the universe in the struggle, in the emptiness, darkness, silence, surrender, in the unrelenting grip of the only One who knows our true name.

During this time may you find yourself aligned with what truly matters, in alignment with life itself.”

My very good friend’s words gave me great consolation.  I still don’t know exactly what to do.  I haven’t completed the contentious course of dealing with my own wounded child, much less, those of others.

I am struggling to find alignment.  I know my early attempts will probably fail and I shall have to try again and again.  But,  I know that eventually alignment shall come.  The grip of the Holy One, the only One who knows my true name,  shall not fail.  Every thing belongs and I am part, a mote, in the vast sea of everything.  I belong!

I belong!   There is no membership application or determination of my acceptability.  There are no dues to pay.  Knocking at the door is unnecessary noise, I’m already inside.

In the grasp of the Holy One, I blissfully remain.: safe, warm, fed, rested, loved.

Home at last, home at last.

“…All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.” – Dame Julian of Norwich, 14th century English anchoress and mystic.


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