Standing with Penn State and Joe Pa

I have been greatly distressed by the news coming out of State College, Pennsylvania.  I am greatly saddened by what is reported to have happened in the athletic facilities at Penn State.  I’m saddened that a legendary career has ended this way.  I’m not condoning or ignoring any of what happened  But, I need not add my condemnation.  There is condemnation enough.

Rather, I’m willing to standby the Penn State community and Coach Paterno because sometimes we are called to standby those who must bear the consequences of their own decisions and actions.  We are called to add our strength to theirs to face what must be faced. I’m willing to stand by the Penn State community, including Coach Paterno, for that reason.

In regard to Coach Paterno particularly, I’m willing to stand by him for an additional reason.  The whole of a life should not be judged  solely by its failings.  Sometimes we are called to standby someone to bear witness  to that which is good and noble in them also.


3 responses to “Standing with Penn State and Joe Pa

  1. I would be more willing to share your view if Joe P. would publicly admit his mistake and apologize to the boys in person. He has been living a delusion and he must come to this realization or be brought to it. It’s quite selfish to want to protect one’s image, a friend and subordinate rather than a helpless victim. He had to make a choice and he made a really bad one.

  2. officeabovethedumpsters

    Elizabeth, what you point out are some of the consequences of their decisions and actions that Penn State and Coach Paterno must face. My point is that I am willing to standby Penn State and Coach Paterno while they face those consequences and come to those realizations. I’m not shielding them from those consequences. But, there would be little meaning in support offered only after those consequences have already been faced.

  3. officeabovethedumpsters

    Tom Ehrich has said it much better. See, “Joe Paterno’s Finest Hour”.

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