OWS, Please Don’t Go to Washington

One of the critiques of the Occupy Wall Street movement, usually leveled by the objects of the protest, is that the movement needs to focus its attention on Washington.  The gist of the critic’s comment is: “take your complaints to the government.  It’s their job to fix this.”  What that means is: we’re not going to fix it.  We have ours and we like it that way.  It’s also a tactic to deflect your movement.  Wall Street wants you to spend your energy flailing away at politicians.

Please don’t fall for it.  Stay where you are.  You’re in the right place.  Taking your movement to Washington will only dissipate its energy.  Your business is to create a new financial culture.  Washington won’t help you do that.  Even if we set aside for a moment the current lack of Washington’s ability to govern, cultural change is not the business of government.  Governments form and reform as response to culture and cultural change.  They don’t create it.

Stay the course right where you are.  You’re in the right place and you are talking to the right people.  God willing, they eventually will listen to you.


One response to “OWS, Please Don’t Go to Washington

  1. Occupy is in Washington! and Chicago, and Oakland, and Richmond, an New Orleans. It is not just wall street anymore, the movement is building and people are standing in solidarity around the world for this!

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