I’m Too Old to Sit in the Street

I’ve never been the public protesting type.   And, now, even though there is a protest I’d like to join, I’m too old and soft to be sitting in the street.   But, I believe that Occupy Wall Street offers a real hope of changing our business culture, especially the business of financial services.  So, what can I do.

Well, I can do the same thing that a lot of the 99% can do.  You see,many of the 99% have some wealth.  No, we don’t have the seven and eight figure incomes of the 1%.  Most of us are still working for a daily living and only dreaming of being able to retire.  But, we are the ones who hold most of the IRAs, 401Ks and have some savings and investments.  We’ve worked hard and saved.

In our savings and retirement plans is our voice to add to those who occupy the streets.  And, we can speak a language that Wall Street already understands.  We can go to our brokers and advisers and tell them that we want investments evaluated differently and we want to invest in ways that will change the culture of Wall Street.

I read Mark Cuban’s blog: Blog Maverick, on his advice to Occupy Wall Street. http://blogmaverick.com/2011/10/14/my-soapbox-advice-to-the-ows-movement-and-then-some.  He puts forth some very interesting ideas.

But the point is that you don’t have to go sit in the street to raise a voice of protest.  There are other ways that may also be effective.


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