Mothers Privilege

Mothers are privileged with access to the fundamental spiritual process of the cosmos that the rest of us do not have. 

Everything I continue to learn about cosmology, astronomy, physics, biology, geology and other fields of science tells me that the fundamental pattern of nature is: birth, life, death and re-birth. That pattern is everywhere. Our own Sun is a third generation star. We know that it is composed, at least partly, of elements that were created in a parent and a grandparent star that were born earlier in the history of our universe. They lived until their fuel was consumed and then died in spectacular supernovas. Our Sun was re-born from the matter ejected by the supernovas, including trace heavy elements formed in the parent and grandparent stars.

We share in that re-birth. Our Earth and our bodies are composed of atoms of heavier elements that were created as those parent and grandparent stars fused hydrogen into the array of the periodic table. We are re-birthed from the same elements blown into the universe by those spectacular supernovas! If you take a moment you will bring to mind a myriad of ways that you have seen this same pattern in all of nature.

All of creation reflects its creator. We have just celebrated Easter, the great feast of the Resurrection. We tend, in spiritual discussion, to talk about resurrection instead of re-birth. But, we speak of the same thing. As I continue to explore my spiritual experience, I see the same pattern of birth, life, death and re-birth. Resurrection is the spiritual pattern of the all that is. Our son, Michael, tells me that a better translation of the Hebrew scripture quoting God’s words to Moses on the mountain is: ” I am who I am becoming.” The pattern of God is continuing creation, continual re-birth.

I can see this pattern from afar. I can observe it. I can play my small role in it. I can feel it in prayer. But, I cannot participate in it the way a Mother does. What a privilege our Mothers know! What honor is due them! Blessings be upon all of our Mothers. It is a good day to recognize their privileged place among us.


3 responses to “Mothers Privilege

  1. Dad,
    Well done sir. I loved your gerdy reflection… You know in England they call it “mothering Sunday” for all those who exhibit motherly virtues? You too have mothered me old man. 😉

  2. Nice piece. I like Michael’s comment about “Mothering Sunday.” Mothering Sunday seems more inclusive. So, will we celebrate “Fathering Sunday” in June?

  3. officeabovethedumpsters

    Fathering Sunday in June sounds like a plan.

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