A Wedding Toast

At Beth and Corey’s Wedding I was allowed, as Father of the Bride, a few moments to offer them a toast.  I offered something based upon the “Beauty Way Sing” from the Navajo tradition.  Several people seemed to have enjoyed it and asked if they could have a copy.  I never wrote down what I planned to say.  Here however is my best recollection of what I said, that evening at the Wedding Reception:

As Father of the Bride I now get a few moments to offer some wisdom, in the form of a toast to the Bride and Groom.  I have decided to borrow a bit of Navajo wisdom from the Beauty Way Sing.  The Beauty Way Sing is a period of chanting and dancing that may go on for several days.  I promise not to take that long.  It is often performed when a Navajo has been away for some extended period of time and has returned.  It is sung to restore the returned one to harmony with the land and the people who are the Navajo Nation.  The refrain is poignant and goes like this:

I walk in beauty

Beauty above me

Beauty below me

I walk in beauty

Beauty beside me

Beauty behind me

I walk in beauty

Beauty before me

On the beautiful trail, am I

I walk in beauty

Tonight, I’m going to substitute the word Love for Beauty.

Love Above you – You were God’s children before you were ours

Love Below you- Beth and Corey, as you stand here tonight you stand upon a firm foundation forged of the love of Parents, Grandparents, Brothers, Aunts and Uncles, Cousins by the dozens and friends (so many dear friends).  That foundation will bear you up in your life together.

Love Beside you-  Well, just look at you two standing there next to each other.

Love Behind you-  Look out at all the people in this room and think of the many more who have sent their love.  They are all here to put their love behind your marriage and are here to see that your married life is well launched.

Love before you-  With all that love above, below, beside and behind you, may you walk in the love before you all of your days.

So a toast to you, Beth and Corey, we love you.

Now. . . I offer it, also, as a continuing prayer for Beth and Corey’s marriage and their happiness.


One response to “A Wedding Toast

  1. Dawn Tesorero

    Hello wise & pontificating friend,

    Your wisdom shows & your kindness glows. Thanks for sharing cherished memories & blessings. Yuu have a great way with words. I’ll check in on your blog from time to time. I hope we can meet again in Santa Fe & toast to life & friendship! Wishing you peace & progress,


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