Stand by Me

Playing for Change, Peace Through Music.

I have received that link from at least a half dozen sources.  That speaks to the common chord the music and images strike in so many of us.  What can our world be, if we simply continue to stand by one another?

Sometimes we stand with the multitudes when we have a common vision of what is right, just and worth standing for.  Sometimes we  stand with the one or a few of like mind because we believe we are right and true to our convictions.

Sometimes we  stand with someone: when there is a good chance they shall  fall,  like when you’re not sure they’re right or when you’re pretty sure they are wrong.  But you stand with them because otherwise they would be alone.  Sometimes we are called to stand by those who are having trouble standing on their own, especially if  someone is trying to knock them down.  Sometimes we are called to stand with those who must bear the consequence of their own actions or decisions.  It’s not that we participate in or condone those actions or decisions.  We stand with them to add our strength to theirs to face what must be faced.

>Sometimes you stand by someone you believe is right and good and honorable.  Even if  the most sensible thing would be to run and take them with you.

In my mind, the essence of  “Stand by Me” is  the call to stand by another human being because they are human and for whatever reason they need you stand by them.  That could change the world.


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