Pi Day and the Medicinal Properties of Laughter

I originally wrote this as an explanation of why I celebrate Pi Day, March 14th

Medicine does not only heal us when we are injured or ill. Medical knowledge begins with an understanding of what is health and what is required to maintain health. So, when I say that “laughter is the best medicine,” I do not presume that laughter has been called upon for treatment of some ailment. I assume that; just like oxygen, protein, calories, water, exercise, and rest etc.; laughter is a basic necessity for the maintenance of health. No, I will go even farther. Laughter is necessary to the maintenance of life.

Even in the most dour of circumstance there is always a spark of laughter. Is there one among us who has not laughed, or at least wanted to laugh, at a funeral? Every memorial service I have attended in the last few years has intentionally incorporated some small bit of laughter. Every time we remember, fondly, some funny thing that a loved one said or did, they live on in our memory. That laugh reminds us of the joy of life.

Do you ever feel more alive than when you laugh? I don’t. I may be silly. Hell, I may be crazy! I am alive and laughing. So, this whole Pi Day foolishness is just a way to make sure that each of us get our daily vitamin L.

Happy Pi Day! Let’s revel in the foolishness of celebrating an irrational number and the smile that the geeks and the nerds among us bring to our faces.


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