The Liberty Bell is Now Sponsored by Taco Purveyor

This was an April Fools Day offering.
The Liberty Bell now belongs to Taco purveyor!!!
The National Park Service, desperate to overcome budget constraints, has announced the first corporate sponsorship of a National Monument.  The Liberty Bell will now be sponsored by Taco Bell.  The visitor’s experience shall change minimally.  The Taco Bell logo will appear in a tastefully downsized version next to a same sized Liberty Bell logo on the outside of the building.  Visitor queues shall be managed by trained Chihuahuas with odd accents.  A new menu item shall be available only at the Liberty Bell Museum food court, the Campana Fracturo Taco. (Hey, the hard shells always cracked anyway.)
Other national treasures have also attracted attention:
Ford in interested in sponsoring the Ford Lincoln Mercury Memorial.
A prominent carwash chain is interested in sponsoring Old Faithful.
The Batman media franchise is interested in sponsoring Carlsbad Caverns.
More as this story develops. . . .

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