From the Navajo

The Navajo word to describe their ancestral lands is the Dinetah, literally “the land of the People.”  Traditionally, when a Navajo returns to the Dinetah after an extended period of time, that return is marked with a blessing.  The blessing is not a simple touch to the forehead and a mumbled two line prayer.  It is a “Sing”, a period of chanting and dancing, that may last several days.  It is called the Beauty Way Sing.  The point of the Beauty Way Sing is to restore the returned Navajo to harmony with the land of the ancestors and the ways of the People on that land.  The refrain is poignant, haunting and really carries the point.

Refrain From the Beauty Way

-Traditional Navajo Sing for Harmony

In the house of long life,

There I wander,

In the house of happiness,

There I wander,

Beauty is before me and behind me,

Beauty is above me and below me,

Beauty is all around me,

With it I wander,

In old age traveling,

With it I wander,

On the beautiful trail am I,

With it I wander.


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